Loretta’s Caterpillar (Loretta’s Insects) by Lois Wickstrom – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Loretta's Caterpillar (Loretta's Insects #4)Loretta’s Caterpillar by Lois Wickstrom
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Loretta loves to look out her window and watch all of the beautiful butterflies flying around. When she wakes up one morning and all of the butterflies are gone she becomes concerned. She goes outside to see what happened and finds a leaf with a tiny egg on it. The egg is from a Monarch butterfly and she is determined to take care of it and watch it grow. She protects the egg from a bird, a wasp and even a lizard as it grows and goes through metamorphosis. Loretta is thrilled when it finally turns into a beautiful butterfly and flies away to go through its migration journey.

I adore the stories that this author writes and find myself wishing that I had these books for when my children were little. Up until reading this book, my favorite book by this author was Bees in Loretta’s Bonnet. Now, I am adding this book at the top of my list of favorites. As with every book by this amazing author it is beautifully illustrated which really brings the story to life.

In all of this author’s books I learn something new and this one was no different. I was fascinated to learn that it took five generations of butterflies to migrate from the United States to Canada! I also learned the difference between a female butterfly and a male butterfly. I had no idea that there was a difference. Children of all ages will love this cute story about the life cycle of a butterfly from egg to metamorphosis to migration. I highly recommend!

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