Rushed by Kerri Ann – Review by Jenni Bishop

RushedRushed by Kerri Ann
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She doesn’t know who she is, she has no memories of a life she may have had before. No memories of a family or friends. No memory of a home or work. She has no memory of or sense of herself. What type of person she was, all she has is a name given, Keenan. She has the same nightmare but none of it has any meaning. Since the accident no one has come forward to claim her. Did she have no one or did they not care? After spending weeks of waiting for memories to return she decides it’s time to take hold of her life and make it mean something, make it a new life. After deciding she needs to feel again she needs to take charge of herself, she needs something more. As she steps out into the night and into a club she finds more than she bargained for, a mysterious stranger that makes her feel, a voice that makes her tingle, a touch that makes her forget, this is what she needs. Just one night to let everything go but after he left she felt lost and alone once more.

Rush has his brother and his club. A club where anything goes. A club full of women, men and sex but he doesn’t ever touch, his rule, besides they don’t offer the relief he likes. But when she walked into the club he knew he could not stay away, he had to have her, he had to touch her, he had to have a taste of her. But one touch, one taste and it wasn’t enough, he broke his one rule and had to walk away. After all hell broke loose he couldn’t stay away, he had to see her. Had to make sure she was ok. From that one night, when trouble walked through his door, he was thrown back into a world he never wanted to go back to. A world that hurt the people he loves, a world of pain and torture but for all that he would do anything to keep those he loves safe, he would do anything for those he cares about.

I enjoyed the way I was drawn into this story and I didn’t want to put it down. There are lots of twists and turns that you won’t see coming. I loved all the characters and they provided just the right amount of levity and I loved the way the friends had each other backs. It is a romance with a different twist.

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