Omorrow (Ascenders #3) by C.L. Gaber – Review by Jana Teppih

Omorrow (Ascenders #3)Omorrow by C.L. Gaber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ascenders: Omorrow is the third book in C. L. Gaber’s Ascenders Saga. I personally do not think that it should/could be read as a standalone! There is so much that we have learnt about all of the main characters and the dynamics between and among them and their motivation in the first two books and you would totally lose out on that!
I have to say that so far Omorrow has been my absolute favorite out of the three. I do NOT know where the writer finds her inspiration, her imagination simply blows me away with every single page! I am telling you, I cannot wait for the next book! She has left me in a limbo, again, waiting for my next fix!
This story runs you through a gamut of emotions – I cried, a lot, I laughed, I raged, I feared, I …. Well, you get the picture … This books keeps you on the edge of your seat, literally, and you will NOT leave before you have finished it AND then end comes way too early …
This is a continuing story of Walker and Daniel and their friends and foes where they continue on their journey to finish the mission given to them by the Higher Authority. You will find out if you know your history and historical figures, it is such a fun to go and say, hi, I know who she means!
I love how the writer has created such a strong character (and female role model) in Walker, I kept falling more in love with her with every chapter. Daniel is nothing to sneeze at either. The writer has given us a super couple with a fantastic set of friends.
I recommend this series to anyone, doesn’t matter if you are young or old, everyone will find something (actually a lot) to enjoy!

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