Beneath the Secrets (Enigma, #6) by Shandi Boyes – Review by Shannon Fowler

Beneath the Secrets (Enigma #5)Beneath the Secrets by Shandi Boyes
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This is Hugo’s story…oh my…which includes many flash backs to high school and his forever crush on Ava… We first met Hugo in the Enigma series but this can be read as a standalone.
Oh Shandi Boyes! What have you done to my heart!?! Beneath the Secrets? Oh no you just created more secrets! Oh and that ending?! I have said this before in my reviews, there are some books that just make you say WTF did I just read…so yeah, right now, Shandi Boyes what the actual…did I just read!?!
It wasn’t until after reading the Enigma series, that I learned that Hugo would have his own story told. Little did I know that Hugo’s story is huge! It starts when he was in high school, crushing on his little sister’s best friend, Ava. But being a player, he kept innocent Ava at arm’s length. Ava was raised by overly strict parents, with a father that bordered on mental abuse. Ava and Hugo’s friendship never falters over the years. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, at least for these two it does. However, lack of true communication, secrets and jealousy keeps them from getting a happily ever after, at least for now.
Shandi Boyes is a great writer! Every one of her stories have had me turning page after page, non-stop! The male characters are swoon-worthy while the females are determined and strong. We all want someone to love while being loved right back and Ava is no different.
“I want a man who has no qualms in showing his affection even with a house full of spectators. A man devoted solely and entirely to me. That is what I want and crave. That is what I deserve.”
I recommend this story and am patiently (sort of) waiting for the next part of Hugo and Ava’s story!

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