Bonded: A Twisted Hearts Love Story by Autumn Sand – Review by Debi Kircher

Bonded (A Twisted Hearts Love Story book 3)Bonded by Autumn Sand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bonded: A Twisted Hearts Love Story by Autumn Sand

5 Stars

I just love this series, I love the characters so much and love that they are all in each book. This is the story of Brenda and Magnum and I couldn’t wait to read it after falling in love with Brenda in the previous book. These can be read as standalones, but you would be missing out on some great history if you don’t read them all in order.

Magnum and Brenda both have pasts that haunt them. They each have their own reasons for not getting involved with any kind of serious relationships. They have a connection through mutual friends and even went out a couple times which resulted in him not returning any calls and then nothing. They were each attracted to each other and if it hadn’t been for their pasts they probably would have pursued it further. When a family emergency brings Magnum to town and he runs into Brenda, his want for her returns but all he does is push it away. But when she receives a message from her tragic past he can’t help himself, he will protect her or die trying. Now if he could just get her to open up and let him in, but can he do the same? She knows he has serious demons and wants desperately to help him, but how can she when she’s battling her own? As the anniversary of her tragic past approaches, can Magnum get to the truth and save her in time? Can these two broken people get past their fears and tragic pasts and find their HEA?

This author has a way with molding her words around the best stories. She knows how to manipulate you into thinking you know what’s coming and I can just imagine her sitting there at her computer with an evil laugh as she knows she’s messing with your mind, and then there you are begging for more LOL She is a favorite of mine now and I will be stalking her waiting for word on what she has in store for me next.

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