Change of Heart (Second Chances 1) by Jennifer L. Allen – Review by Jana Teppih

Change of Heart (Second Chances 1)Change of Heart by Jennifer L. Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Change of Heart by Jennifer L Allen is the first book in her Second Chances series. It is the second book by this writer that I have had a tremendous pleasure to read and she amazed me once again!
Change of Heart is the story of Casey and Decker. It is a heartfelt story that you get enchanted with from the beginning and cannot let go! “We’re gonna be best friends.” This is how their story started, they were just six years old and already then Decker knew his mind! I absolutely loved how Jennifer weaves the tale, giving us glimpses of how Casey and Decker’s friendship grew and how they felt about each other. We go from the beginning of senior year to the graduation and then, boom … we meet them again, 3 years later not knowing why we have ‘lost’ all that time …
This book, oh my goodness, it took me from crying my eyes out to yelling in my head at Casey to keeping my fingers crossed … It is incredible how wrong things can go when we do not communicate and take decisions thinking of the other person’s best! We do not know what is best for the other person! We need to let them to take the decisions that have such impact on their lives!
I recommend this book of second chances to everyone, no matter the age! Have a box of tissues at hand as you will need them! I have already downloaded the second book on the series so I know who I will be spending my evening with!

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