Not Leaving (Parker Siblings, #2) by Leigh Ann Lunsford – Review by Jenni Bishop

Not Leaving (Parker Siblings, #2)Not Leaving by Leigh Ann Lunsford
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Not Leaving by Leigh Ann Lunsford is the second book in her Parker Siblings series. This one picks up where the first book, Not Enough left off, so I strongly suggest that you read the first book before this one. Leigh gives so much depth and character to each of her characters and the attention to detail for the world in which the Parker siblings and family live.

Addison Parker and Tyler James have been together since he saw her on the first day of school. Their love is supposed to be the kind of love that lasts a lifetime, or does it? Tyler has made some seriously stupid mistakes in his life and they all revolve around him running from the one person who has loved him unconditionally. The one person who takes him back when he realises his mistakes, but now she is truly shattered and he is the one who has broken her. Addison needs to think about more than herself this time and realises that she can never, ever let him back into her life. He has left her nothing but a shell of her former self. What happens when Tyler returns to reclaim the woman he loves? Can he ever live with himself for breaking her? Can Tyler help Addison find herself again or is he too late? Can he convince her he is still the man for her? Can he convince her he has changed? Will Addison ever let Tyler back into her life?

I really enjoyed both of these characters but wanted to slap Tyler senseless at times and some times I could kiss him. Addison makes you just want to wrap your arms around her and make it all better. She has been through so much and Tyler’s latest stunt has left her numb and alone, even though she is surrounded by family. Each and every character in this series are all strong people and each have their own stories. As I stated with the first book the Parkers are a crazy, fun loving and dysfunctional family. But they work and they are there for one another, no matter the cost. Their bantering and their antics will keep you wanting more. Even though there is heartache and sadness as a family they can overcome everything.

Leigh Ann Lunsford is now one of my favourite authors as this series has fast become one of my favourites as well. I am now off to read book 3 so enjoy!!

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