Dragons by Ty Drago – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

DragonsDragons by Ty Drago
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Andy Brand is an eighteen year old boy who is kidnapped and ripped away from his family and friends and wakes up in a twelve by twelve room, dressed in an orange jumpsuit and the ugliest white shoes he has ever seen, there is nothing in there but a cot bed, a sink and a toilet, there isn’t even a window, but there is a vent where the fresh air is circulated through. At first he feels like it is a dream, however, when reality dawns on him, he is trapped, but as he looks more closely at his surroundings, he realises that they are a new kind of technology he has only read about and that everything in the room is made of this material, but the thing that scares and weirded him out the most is the Voice which answers some of his questions and asks some questions of him. When a piece of paper is dropped through a gap in the ceiling and the Voice asks him to burn it, he knows suddenly what they want him for, but he cannot tell them anything, he has to stick to his family’s motto, Conceal and Protect, this applies to all his life lessons and it is something he refuses to back down on and instead he pleads ignorance.

Andy is not sure how long he has been in this room, however, when the voice states quite clearly that he will not be fed unless he complies with their request, Andy goes hungry, he refuses to give in to their demands and over the next day, he only drinks the tap water and answers nature call until they eventually give in and put some food into his room. Once the Voice realises that he will not cave in to their demands, they pretty much leave him alone, this is when he hears a voice calling out to him from the vent in the corner, she introduces herself as Miranda and they soon strike up a friendship as the talk over the next few days. At some point they are both taken separately for tests, but from talking to her, it seems that Miranda is having a completely different experience to him, but he still tries not to give his captors what they want, that is until Miranda is threatened.

It is at this point that Andy shows his true colours and lets his blazing personality out to play, however, this causes some consternation and he is drawn into a world that he didn’t expect and a plan which he cannot escape from, he is told that he is needed to help a group of people, however, even though it appears that he is not trusted, he does begin to connect with a few people around him, however nothing is quite as it seems, will Andy be able to carry out his part of the plan and still live to tell the tale, or will the truth behind his unease come to the fore and play out in front of his eyes? This is a sci-fi novel which will keep you trying to work out who is telling the truth and who is lying as the unpredictability of the people around Andy ramp up the tension around him as they try to bend him to their will, but the only way to see whether they succeed is to read to the end and find out.

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