Feathers - A NovelFeathers – A Novel by Kylie Stewart
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What an absolute fairy tale! I adored this book! Feathers is written by Kylie Stewart and is a standalone, although I would love to hear the other girl’s stories (Hint Hint). Feathers follows a young Charlotte “Lottie” from the time that she was taken by her mother’s boyfriend and sold to ungodly men. There she goes through things that most people would never imagine to a young girl. Then she is sold one more time, to Mrs. Ames. Mrs. Ames was her savior. There she meets Mrs. Ames’ grandson, Hawk McLean. Hawk is 7 years older than Lottie. But for some strange reason, he is drawn to her. In the same token, Lottie is also drawn to him. Throughout the years, Lottie learns to heal and learns to take her life back. Hawk has his own past that he has to deal with and his uncertainty about Lottie. These two get incredibly close throughout the years even though Hawk leaves for his internship and then moves to open a business. But when Lottie is 22 everything falls into place for the both of them and let me tell you, fireworks happen! I love this author and every book that I have read from her is fantastic. This book in particular gives you those wonderful good feelings because these two deserve everything that they received and it would be heartbreaking if it was any different. The characters are wonderful and Lottie is such a strong girl, it kind of makes you proud. I can’t wait to read more from Kylie Stewart!

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