Hunks To The Rescue 18 Hot Contemporary Romance Novellas by Various Authors – Review by Debi Kircher

Hunks to the RescueHunks to the Rescue by Various Authors
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hunks To The Rescue
18 Hot Contemporary Romance Novellas

5 Stars

Fire And Ice (A Sunnydale Days Novella) by Constance Phillips
Charlene and Brian dated in high school. She was Valedictorian and he barely made grades to keep up with his sports. Football, basketball, and baseball. His friends never liked her and when she was told a lie that she never really believed she chose to run because it would be easier than staying around. 10 years later she returns to take care of her mom after losing her dad. Can she and Brian rebuild what was lost to a lie or will his friends win yet again and Brian will lose her forever?

Two More Miles by Jan Romes
Ava and Keith are both coming off bad breakups and meet at the gym. He is an obgyn and is convinced she’s pregnant just by looking at her. She is convinced she’s not but scared to take a test. Being pregnant by her ex would be devastating. They spend a lot of time together and end up falling in love when a misunderstand tears them apart. When he learns the truth can he get to her in time and will she forgive him?

Path To Grace (A Saint Series Prequel) by Wilder and Quinn
Carina is the daughter of the biggest, baddest mafia boss. Matteo works for her dad and considered the cleaner. He has always wanted Carina but she was off limits. Carina just wants to be normal and goes on a “regular” date but all hell breaks loose when someone that’s after the family is after her. Matteo saves her and takes her somewhere safe. They realize their feelings for each other and act on them. When they are found by the enemy it’s Carina’s turn to save Matteo. They decide to leave the life and be together. Will her father allow this or will they be in danger and on the run for the rest of their lives?

Unwrapping Treasure (A Granite Lake Romance Novella) by Jody A Kessler
Treasure and Bodie have worked together for 2 years as paramedics. They are friends, she doesn’t do relationships and he is off a fresh break from his fiancé, a call to a house fire causes to risk her life for that of a young girl, barely making it out alive. She planned to get away for Christmas as it’s a sad time for her and goes to the cabin she rented, Bodie surprises her and decide to take a chance with each other with a no strings attached night. Did this one night change things for them? He leaves the next morning and will be gone for four and a half months on special training. What will happen when he returns?

Unreachable Heart (Gold County Psychics) by Aileen Harkwood
Jacie is the accountant for the Endrizzi brothers, who are part of one of the most far reaching crime cartels.
Eckhardt (Hart) is the senior tech climber for search and rescue. He is called to a plane crash involving the brothers and Jacie, having to stay behind at crash site to make room to transport the overweight brothers he locates Jacie and rescues her. They are forced to spend 2 nights in a blizzard till help can arrive he gets information using his sat phone that Jacie has a dangerous past and he needs to be cautious. They couldn’t resist the pull they felt for each other, but what happens after he is forced to save her yet again and when he finds out that nothing is at is seems?

Come Hell Or High Water by Nancy Segovia
Maisie divorced her abusive husband 3 years ago and has since been living with her best friend, who has gone to stay at her parents because a hurricane was coming. Maisie couldn’t leave because no one would allow her 18 year old cat to go with her. As waters rise she ends up on the roof with her cat in her jacket. She is rescued by Dwight who is with the New Orleans fire dept. He immediately didn’t like her but felt an attraction to her that he could not explain. Being forced to take in her and her cat they begin to break down each other’s walls. She promised herself no more men after her divorce, can he make her break her promise?

These are just a few of my favorite stories from this group of wonderful authors. I really enjoyed reading all of the books in this anthology, it was fun going from one to the next. Each having a gorgeous hunk to save the day. Many of them are part of bigger stories and I plan to look into each one and continue reading about each. I would give each story 5 stars independently and highly recommend this collection.

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