Moments of Pain (Moments to Remember #2) by Ysa Arcangel – Review by Jenni Bishop

Moments of Pain (Moments to Remember #2)Moments of Pain by Ysa Arcangel
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Moments of Pain picks up right where Moments of Joy ended and is every bit as compelling and heart wrenching if not more than the first. Moments of Pain continues to share the strong love between Ivo and Brandy and the lengths that someone is prepared to go for the one they love.

Brandy’s illness is progressing at an alarming rate and Ivo, even with all his medical training, is having to sit by helplessly, and witness it all happening before his eyes whilst being powerless to stop it. But he is right there by her side. Brandy is getting less memory lucid and very frustrated and without involving and letting Ivo know she decides to try the medical experimental testing to cure try to find a cure for her Alzheimer’s. She is willing to do all she can so she can have the life, love and family with the man she loves.

When Brandy awakes everyone finds that the treatment has wiped her memory and she has no memory of the man she loves or things that have happened for a number of years. Ivo’s heart is breaking as he realises the woman he loves doesn’t even recognise him. She doesn’t know who is is or what they shared together, so he does the only thing he can do and that is give her the time and space she needs and is he has to he is prepared to let her go..

Whilst Brandy is feeling alone and terrified and struggling and my heart went out to her, I found it incredibly hard to watch/read the struggles Ivo was going through. It was incredibly sad and the emotions I felt for him were overwhelmingly strong. Ysa is such a powerful writer that she can evoke such strong emotions in someone with just one story. It is a brutally honest and raw look into how this disease can destroy lives. It is a beautiful yet heartbreaking story that is full of so much emotional pain, love and passion, fear and ups and downs. You will most certainly need a box of tissues and a stiff drink just to get through it.

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