Amelia’s Children by Greta Cribbs – Review by Debi Kircher

Amelia's ChildrenAmelia’s Children by Greta Cribbs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amelia’s Children by Greta Cribbs

5 Stars

Holy Moly what a book! I started it and could not put it down. This author has spun a tale here that will have you guessing on every page. This is my first book by this author but will not be my last, this story flowed perfectly, and I fell in love with the characters.
In a small town in Georgia, Amelia was murdered, the case is still unsolved 30 years later. There are rumors and speculation but no concrete answers.

Sarah has returned from California after failing to make it as an actress, she is now working in her parent’s restaurant as a waitress, not something she wants to do. She doesn’t even want to be back home, but found she had no other choice.

David comes to town wanting to meet with Sarah’s father in the restaurant. He is a stranger and no one seems to know why he is in town. This has Sarah on a mission to find out just what he is up to, not only that but she feels drawn to him for some reason. When she guesses why he is there and that it has something to do with the unsolved murder case from 30 years ago, she sets out to find the truth, with the help of her brother. The truth though may be hard to handle and Sarah finds out a lot more than what she bargained for.

As Sarah and David grow closer, can they find the answers in time, or will the darkness take everyone they love from them, even possibly themselves?

Great book, I highly recommend it!

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