Lavender Fields by Natalina Reis – Review by Jenni Bishop

Lavender FieldsLavender Fields by Natalina Reis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lavender Fields is the the story of Sky Heavensent who is an angel of death who collects the souls of those recently passed. I really enjoyed this story and the characters were very well written that made you feel for them.

Sky is constantly in trouble with his Archangel Gabriel and seen as a liability and different from other angels. Sky is sent on a mission to harvest his latest soul but little does he know it is that of the one he had just set his eyes and lips on, Caleb Pierce. When Sky realises who is newest soul is, he does the one thing that is forbidden. So when Sky finds himself once again in Gabriel’s spot light he knows this time he is in real trouble. Even though Sky is Heaven bound, he decides he can no longer stay away from the one person who has stolen his heart. When Sky discovers that Caleb is in more trouble than he thought he uncovers a plot that could destroy them all but sky will do everything in his power to stop the evil forces that threatens his very soul and those of the ones he loves.

This an angelic romance with lots of drama and suspense, good and evil, light and dark but it also has humour and love. Joan, Caleb’s sister is endearing and will have you laughing at her antics but you will also be in tears because of the evil that inflicts so much pain on this beautiful angel. This lovely story will touch your heart and the love that knows no bounds.

This book has a different twist and is not your normal angel story. It is a truly beautiful, intriguing and charming story and a quick and easy read.

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