Moments of Love (Moments to Remember #3) by Ysa Arcangel – Review by Jenni Bishop

Moments of Love (Moments to Remember #3)Moments of Love by Ysa Arcangel
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Moments of Love is the third book in the Moments to Remember series by Ysa and it is the perfect culmination of all the other books in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series and can’t say enough things about it. It is certainly thought provoking and will have you in tears, not pretty tears, they will be great sobbing tears so ensure you grab a strong drink and a box of tissues and settle down for this last installment to a truly beautiful and heart wrenching story. The story picks up straight off where the second book ended.

Brandy is not only suffering from the effects of Alzheimer’s and then she is now consumed by postpartum depression after the birth of her two beautiful babies. She loves her babies but she can’t seem to make it better. Her family is her life but she knows that with her condition, love is not enough so she does the one thing she believes is best for them. Ivo does all he can to help his wife and keep his family strong, but is it enough?

Ivo is struggling to cope with looking after his wife and caring for his children. But his love can overcome it all. But can it? When Brandy is lost Ivo’s world is turned on it’s head and completely devastated.

This story shows the strength and courage of a the main characters who are dealing with so much. It shows that love can overcome overwhelming odds if you have the right partner to lean on. This series has touched me the way that no other has. Ysa is smart and clever writer that has written an truly beautiful story that will leave you feeling every high and low that the characters themselves feel. This is a very short read but totally worth your time.

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