Moments of Love (Moments to Remember Book 3) by Ysa Arcangel – Review by Debi Kircher

Moments of Love (Moments to Remember #3)Moments of Love by Ysa Arcangel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Moments of Love (Moments to Remember Book 3) by Ysa Arcangel

5 Stars

Oh my gosh, this series has me a hot mess, it wasn’t enough that Brandy was suffering from the effects of Alzheimer’s now postpartum depression has consumed her. She loves her family with her whole heart, and feels she must do what is best for them. Ivo does all he can to help his wife and keep his family strong, but is it enough?

The first two books have taken us on a journey with Ivo’s children, as they try to understand Ivo and Brandy’s past, and how their Mom plays into it. This is a story about love, a love so strong it can fight against the most awful of diseases. This is also a story about strength, the strength and courage of a woman dealing with so much yet willing to put her family first trying to ensure their future is without pain.

I have honestly never read a series that has touched me the way this one has, this will stay with me forever. Alzheimer’s has touched and affected my own family and I could physically feel the pain and love that Ivo dealt with on a daily basis. This author is amazingly brilliant, and handled this whole series beautifully. This didn’t feel like a book series to me, this was real life, and so many deal with this every day. I will hold this story close to my heart and I will reread this often. I am already looking forward to the spin off Novel and will be watching for any and everything by this author in the future.

This is not a standalone novel…you really have to read this series in order, you will be completely lost if you don’t.

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