Omorrow (Ascenders #3) by C.L. Gaber – Review by Jenni Bishop

Omorrow (Ascenders #3)Omorrow by C.L. Gaber
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Omorrow is the third book in C.L. Gaber’s Ascenders series starts where Skypunch left off. These books should be read in order as Omorrow continues on from Ascenders and Ascenders Skypunch and the characters have very extensive and very complex back stories.

The story continues as Walker Callaghan and Daniel Reid and the specially picked motley crue from the Midst are sent back to the living realm on an impossible mission to try and find the mystery of Albert Einstein’s writings. There is just one major snag and that is if you die in the past in the living realm you do not come back and you will not be born in the future. They also have one major rule on this mission and that is do not do anything to to change the past because it could change the future.

Walker the unspoken leader of the group definitely feels the pressure to solve things and the group find themselves in more sticky situations than ever. But who can they trust? Only one thing for sure friends could be foes and foes friends. Walker can count on one thing and one thing only and that is Daniel. Daniel is her one constant, her crutch to lean on but what happens when that crutch is no longer available?

With each jump in time they find themselves looking to discover clues and answers which are revealed to Walker and Daniel along the way to ensure that the information does not fall into the wrong hands. With the pressure on, can they find the mysterious writings in time and can they survive the trial and tribulations thrown at them and the ones they care about without anyone dying?

C.L. Gaber is a talented writer who has the ability to make things, fun, exciting and entertaining. The story takes you on a magical journey that you can not put down.
Omorrow certainly didn’t disappoint and was the best in the series so far. I have come to love all the characters and especially all their quirks. I can’t wait to see what C.L. comes up with next for these lovable misfits.

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