Unloved (Unwilling #2) by K.D. Wood – Review by Sheri Schrader

Unloved (Unwilling #2)Unloved by K.D. Wood
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Unloved is by K.D. Wood and is the second book in the Unwilling series. This book is best enjoyed after reading the first book. It picks up close to where the first book left off. The story continues after Neely returns from New Zealand. She is trying to figure out what happened to her still and pick up the pieces of her life. Hayden wants to move on and advance his relationship with Neely. The problem is that she has received a communication from Andrew that is bringing Neely back into his reaches as well as his mother’s. To make things worse the Tribal guard has come from New Zealand and Andrew’s mother is making demands of Neely threatening the people she loves.
There is much going on and I will not go into more detail. I do not want to wreck the book for anyone else. Like the first book there are twists and turns. When you think, you know exactly where the story is going there is a twist. The characters are well written and the story is a great progression. This is not the typical romance book. There are some supernatural forces at work again and some fantasy.
Neely is somewhat frustrating to me. I understand all the decisions she is making, some forced are difficult, but her reasoning at times drives me over the edge. I know some was to add tension to the story and also, she is young and inexperienced. Overall I really enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to third book in the series.

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