All the Broken Places (The Healing Edge, #1) by Anise Eden – Review by Jana Teppih

All the Broken Places (The Healing Edge, #1)All the Broken Places by Anise Eden
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All the Broken Places is the first book in The Healing Edge series by Anise Eden. It is her debut paranormal romance book and it is a great start on a very promising series!
It is from page one that you get pulled into the world of Cate Duncan and she does not let you leave. I think I felt very strong about Cade’s mother committing suicide as the lead singer of my favourite band just committed suicide a month ago and I am still reeling … For me, the book actually went well beyond the supernatural, it tackles the deep issues of depression, suicide and abuse …
I loved Cate the therapist with some unique abilities and my gosh, Ben the head of the program Cate ‘joins’ and the son of the woman heading the whole collection of alternative healers. I have been practicing reiki for almost 20 years so some of the things made me sit back and say, hmm … it is totally possible and it is not so far out …. And all the other people around Cate and Ben, I cannot wait to learn more about them in the books to come or at least I hope so!
Thank you Anise for creating a world that will keep bringing us back, even though we all do not have those amazing and crazy gifts as your MacGregor Group, I think there is a lot we can relate to … Don’t we tend to think that we are right and the others are emotional or … We can see that the writer has really done her homework and we can enjoy the fruits of it … I know what I will be reading next week, I have the next book in the series already downloaded … Join me but please read the first book before starting on the second one as well, you will be lost …

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