Best Friend for Hire by Mary Carlomagno – Review by Jana Teppih

Best Friend for HireBest Friend for Hire by Mary Carlomagno
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Best Friend for Hire is a standalone by Mary Carlomagno. You can totally get why the writer is a successful organizer, speaker and spokesperson specializing in helping individuals and groups embrace simplicity in their daily lives and one might even say that this fun read is a self-help book in disguise …
Best Friend for Hire is the story of Jersey girl Jessie DeSalvo who gets booted from her dream job at one of New York’s top publishing companies after 10 years. What should she do next considering the current economic environment and considering that she only has her cell phone and unusable contact list? I absolutely loved the humour that the writer injected into the story, very often I found myself snorting and laughing out loud … While starting her one-woman-band aka Best Friend for Hire endeavour, she meets some memorable and quirky characters! On top of that, Jessie is from a SCICILIAN!!! family so you can imagine her interaction with her family, it still cracks me up!
If you are looking for a quick and light read that leaves you feeling good, this book is definitely for you! Join Jessie on her journey of finding herself while gaining confidence and some great friends!

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