Disturbing the Peace (Blue Line, #4) by Brandy Ayers – Review by Jana Teppih

Disturbing the Peace (Blue Line, #4)Disturbing the Peace by Brandy Ayers
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Disturbing the Peace by Brandy Ayers is the fourth book in her Blue Line series and what a cool instalment it is! I have read all four books and I loved how each of the books had its own story and at the same time also a story that continued from a book to book! I was very sad to come to the end of the series but I have to say that we are going out with a bang!
Disturbing the Peace is the book of Justice Reilly who bleeds blue and is definitely into the buckle bunnies and Ana Formosa who is a bad-ass b-i-t-c-h taking down criminals of Pittsburgh. They have a one night stand and then it should be over and done with … or is it now … the history has a tendency of biting one in their butt, and at times literally!
I loved how Justice and Ana had to figure out if they want to find a way forward together and who will be making compromises and will Justice be able to pull back some of his protectiveness … It is a short and steamy read that also gives us a closure on the case that we have been following through all the books of the series! You will not regret the time you will spend with our couple in blue!

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