Hunt the Dawn (Fatal Dreams, #2) by Abbie Roads – Review by Naomi McDonald

Hunt the Dawn (Fatal Dreams, #2)Hunt the Dawn by Abbie Roads
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was just as spellbinding as the first one in the series. The characters capture your attention and hold it until the very end. You can read Hunt the Dawn as a standalone, however characters from the first book are mentioned in it, so in order to get the full impact, I suggest reading the first one (plus, you’ll love it just as much).

Lathan is a special consultant for the government in relation to cold cases. Currently he is working on a case involving several murders that he believes were perpetrated by one person. He is insistent that even though the cases seem unrelated, they actually are. As a rule, Lathan doesn’t involve himself much with people, but that all changes when he meets Evanee.

Evanee has had a hard life and all she wants is to save enough money to move out of town. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to shake her past. In the process of trying to run from it, Evanee ends up running into Lathan. She knows she shouldn’t trust a stranger, but there is something about him that puts her at ease. When she begins having vivid dreams, she and Lathan begin a journey together that neither of them expected.

A little intrigue, a little mystery, a little romance, a little drama…what’s not to love!

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