One Fluttering Heartbeat (A Prairie Tale #1) by Lisa Sorbe – Review by Jenni Bishop

One Fluttering Heartbeat (A Prairie Tale #1)One Fluttering Heartbeat by Lisa Sorbe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One Fluttering Heartbeat is book one in the A Prairie Tale series by Lisa Sorbe and a sweet and heartfelt story. It’s about trying to find happiness and moving on from loss. Trying to find yourself after you no longer know who you truly are after being half of a whole. It’s about loving yourself and giving yourself permission to live again. Lisa has written a beautiful story that you will enjoy right to the end and the emotions evoked from this story with tug at your heartstrings.

Elise’s life has been on hold, she doesn’t know how to move on, she doesn’t know what to feel. Her friend June is getting married, so she returns to her hometown with the hope of starting over, of finding herself again and re-evaluating the life she had and what she wants now. What she needs to do for herself but that is easier said than done when someone from your past maybe the one thing you shouldn’t have.

I loved the characters and the story line was well written and I enjoyed watching our main character grow and rediscover herself. This is one read you need to put on your list.

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