Stitched Up Heart (Combat Hearts Book 1) by Tarina Deaton – Review by Jenni Bishop

Stitched Up HeartStitched Up Heart by Tarina Deaton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stitched Up Heart (Combat Hearts Book 1) by Tarina Deaton is a heart warming and emotional romance story that will captivate you from start to finish and is a great start to this series. I have not read anything by Tarina before but I look forward to reading other works by her, as she is a good storyteller.

Bree and her bestie have been through hell and back together more times than they can count. But as the saying says what doesn’t break you makes you stronger is certainly the case with the characters in this story. Bree is an independent and confident woman who knows what she wants and decides it’s time to do just that.

Jase is hot and sexy alpha male who is still broken after serving in the military. Jase has never had a real relationship but this headstrong and beautiful woman has made him rethink things.

Stitched Up Heart is a beautiful story with wonderful characters who will capture you heart. I cannot wait to read what Tarina does next with this series..

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