Emerald Green (Murder in Savannah, #1) by Lindsay Marie Miller – Review by Shannon Fowler

Emerald Green (Murder in Savannah, #1)Emerald Green by Lindsay Marie Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a great young adult story. A little romance, lots of mystery. No adult supervision anywhere in the story. The main characters are typical high school students just trying to finish school and figure out life.

The relationships in this story are wishy washy. Tom and Addie say they love each other but as soon as they disagree with each other, one of them walks away. It’s hard to remember that they are not even adults, yet they are trying to have adult relationships. They have to deal with kidnappings, violence and murder, with no one to guide them in the ways of life. Even the parent/child relationship is strange throughout this story.

Emerald Green includes several characters, many of which seem to lie, causing Tom and Addie to have trust issues. However, this does help the two learn to trust each other. One lesson learned in this story is that not everything is as it seems.

Good story line. I would like to see what happens in this series. I wonder if Addie and Tom can figure out Daniel’s secrets or if knowing will cause even more trouble. I can easily recommend this story.

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