Keeping Caroline (Silver Falls Book 2) by Megan Nugen Isbell – Review by Jenni Bishop

Keeping Caroline (Silver Falls Book 2)Keeping Caroline by Megan Nugen Isbell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Keeping Caroline is the second book in the Silver Falls series by Megan Nugen Isbell and is a wonderful continuation of the first book. This is a beautiful romance book that will have you riveted to the spot reading about these characters and all they go through. The story tugs on your heartstrings at times but ultimately it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Megan is a master at writing romance stories that will leave you breathless.

Whoever said there is no love at first sight or everlasting love or soulmates? Obviously someone who has not read Megan’s books.Grab a copy and a wine and unwind as you read these books. You know you want to.

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