Break Away (The Baltimore Banners, #5) by Lisa B. Kamps – Review by Jana Teppih

Break Away (The Baltimore Banners, #5)Break Away by Lisa B. Kamps
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Break Away is the fifth book in Lisa B. Kamps’ Baltimore Banners series and a hockey romance in its true form! I have not read the other stories in the series but I have read another book by the writer, also a hockey romance, so I knew that I will be graced with something good!
Break Away is the story of Jean-Pierre “JP” Larocque and Emily Poole. These two went through a tragic event five years earlier and it has marked their lives ever since … I can see how some people would feel that they miss hearing more about their backgrounds as everything in the story is shadowed by that tragic event but I do not mind actually as it is a beautiful example of the ‘now’ … how our lives get interrupted and how do we deal with tragedy and what do we need in those horrible moments … Not all of us get a second chance so Break Away is a heart-breaking and heart-warming story of what could happen when the two people who were torn apart by one defining tragic event meet again … is there a way forward, together or are the memories too hard to bear to even remotely to imagine a possible future together…
I love the writer’s style, it is simple and to the point and grabs you by your heart strings. I know I will be reading more of her writing!

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