Coastal Spirit: Stranded in Paradise book 3 by Lindsay Marie Miller – Review by Shannon Fowler

Coastal Spirit: An Action Adventure Romance (Stranded in Paradise, #3)Coastal Spirit: An Action Adventure Romance by Lindsay Marie Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The third book to the Stranded in Paradise Trilogy brings us new characters and reunites us with the old ones. Elaine and Henry are still fighting for their lives to get off the island and this time Henry’s sister, Louisa is with them. At the end of book 2 a volcano has erupted and Henry and Elaine barely have the strength to stand thanks to the beating from Judas. Somehow Elaine finds more of her inner strength and is able to get them to safety.

I really liked the adventure these characters took, even though it wasn’t an adventure they chose. In the first story, Jungle Eyes, I found Elaine a little unsettled and possibly bi polar. However, in Coastal Spirit, she is matured, level headed and ready to take on the evil Judas and Frederic. I like the growth this character has taken. I like the twist and surprise that comes with Frederic and with Captain Scarlett. I know there has to be more to his story.

The only thing that really bothered me in this book was that there didn’t seem like enough worry about Lily. I’m not sure if Elaine just put Lily out of her mind in order to survive but I kept thinking, “What about Lily?” “Who’s got Lily?” Thankfully by the end of the story Lily’s situation is revealed.

I highly recommend this book but it is not a standalone. You must start with Jungle Eyes. I can’t wait to see what else Lindsay Marie Miller has in store.

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