Jungle Eyes: An Action Adventure Romance (Stranded in Paradise, #1) by Lindsay Marie Miller – Review by Jenni Bishop

Jungle Eyes: An Action Adventure Romance (Stranded in Paradise, #1)Jungle Eyes: An Action Adventure Romance by Lindsay Marie Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jungle Eyes is the first book in the Stranded in Paradise trilogy by Lindsay Marie Miller. It is an action adventure/ historical romance. The story starts off a bit slow but builds up as we are faced with danger and fear, drama and twists and turns as there is shipwrecks and pirates, murder and mystery.There are moments where you find yourself laughing or sighing when something touched you and moments when your heart breaks. The relationship between our main characters is frustrating at times and was a little frustrating to follow but it is a slow burning love story on a tropical paradise, or is it?

Lindsay is good at setting a scene. I wonder where the next book takes us.

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