Waiting for Aegina (The Gift Saga, #2) by Effie Kammenou – Review by Jenni Bishop

Waiting for Aegina (The Gift Saga, #2)Waiting for Aegina by Effie Kammenou
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Waiting for Aegina by Effie Kammenou is the second book to this saga and it can be  read as a standalone and there are back references to the characters from the first book  so it doesn’t feel as though you re missing out but I would read Evanthia’s Gift first. It  is a well crafted story and the world in which Effie has created is something you can  imagine. This story pulls on a lot of emotions and is a lot more power packed and  dramatic than Evanthia’s Gift and is an honest and heartfelt portrayal of a young Greek  girl who is now a woman and her friends and is told by the main character’s point of  view.    All in all Waiting for Aegina is a really enjoyable read.

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