A Gamer’s Wish (Hidden Wishes Series Book #1) by Tao Wong – Review by Angela Hayes

A Gamer's Wish (Hidden Wishes #1)A Gamer’s Wish by Tao Wong
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A Gamer’s Wish is the first book in the Hidden Wishes series by Tao Wong. It is a GameLit urban fantasy that has a bit of an RPG feel to it- with action, adventure, magic, genies, humour, secrets and danger.
The story is about what happens when Henry discovers a genie who grants him 3 wishes. What would you do with three wishes. Well, if you were Henry, who has a love of RPG games, then you might be tempted to make your fantasies a reality. We follow along as Henry sets off on his adventure. But, sometimes our fantasies aren’t always the fun and games we thought they’d be.
The character/s are interesting but could use just a little more depth. The story, while being intriguing needed a bit more drama, tension or surprises to make it more compelling.
This is a fun, light-hearted, quick and easy read, but was a little slow to get going as the author established the story.
I would definitely read the next book to see what happens in the story.
An original, and interesting concept!

Thank you, Tao Wong!


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