Blood Will Tell (The Blood, #1) by Colleen S. Myers – Review by Jana Teppih

Blood Will Tell (The Blood, #1)Blood Will Tell by Colleen S. Myers
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Blood Will Tell is the first book in Colleen S. Myers’ new series called The Blood. I had not read anything else by this writer before and I have to say the synopsis was very ‘sterile’ and the only thing that made me to actually pick up a copy was that someone wrote it is ‘Twilight meets Divergent’ and as I am a hard core fan of both then I decided to give it a go! And I tell you I am happy to report that it was a very fortunate decision and I would not really say it is ‘Twilight meets Divergent’, I think it does disservice to the writer and to the story! Yes, it is a series that is a bit of a YA/NA paranormal fantasy mixes with science fiction sprinkled with a dash of romance but that does not mean that it does not stand in its own rights!
Blood Will Tell gives us the opening to the world after 2019 and is ruled by different vampire clans. They live in cities surrounded by walls made of pure steel and control the humans to the minutiae – how and where they work, that they exercise daily regardless of weather, take vitamins and … breed …and of course they give blood every month! In this world we meet Isabelle or Isa and she is our heroine and it is her journey that we will be taken on and then of course there is betrayal and danger and despair and hope and love triangle with Roke (a Vampire) and Alex (a human who captains the ship Roke and Isa use to escape the city) and … there are so many layers and intrigue and at the end of the first book you are left with ‘WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE BEING PUBLISHED’ and the story keeps hounding you and it probably will until Colleen hands us the next instalment in the series!

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