Love Bites (Darkness & Light Duology Book #1) by T.L Clark – Review by Angela Hayes

Love Bites (Darkness & Light Duology, #1)Love Bites by T.L. Clark
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Love Bites is the first book in the Darkness & Light Duology by T.L Clark. This is such a gem of a find! A wonderful Fantasy/paranormal romance with so much going on in it- I couldn’t have read it any quicker, demolishing it all in a few hours because I HAD to find out all the spellbinding details. The author wove a superb tale that came to life under her creative touch. There are witches, faeries, sorcerers, Elinefae, magic, mystery, suspense, and so many more fascinating additions and details. This story is completely original from anything that I have read in this genre before. It has its own unique identity, which the author has lovingly crafted. I wasn’t sure of what to expect going in but I loved the cover and was intrigued by the blurb, so I took the plunge…. And I am SO happy that I did! This may be my first read from Ms. Clark- but it definitely won’t be the last. She has confirmed her place on my must-read authors list and I can’t wait to devour everything she will write/or has written. How excited was I to discover that she has also got quite a few other books to her name- which I will definitely be one-clicking, and devouring ASAP.
Shakira, Pryderi, Cerys, Lily and all the other wonderful characters really brought this story to life. They are wonderfully developed individuals with their own personalities, quirks and flaws. They led me on an incredible journey that I won’t soon forget. I love Kiera and Pryderi so much! I am blown away by all the unique touches that Ms. Clark gave her characters- it really made the story quite an exciting ride. Then, there is the matter of the exceptional world building skills that Ms. Clark demonstrates throughout this story. She brought everything to life, with fantastic descriptions and attention to details. Right down to having a world history, backstory, languages… and so many more unique features.
I have already jumped into the second book as I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen! I can’t recommend this book/duet highly enough, especially if you love fantasy/paranormal stories that are unique, enchanting and well written.

Thank you, Ms. Clark!


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