Murder Among Friends by Linda Burson – Review by Angela Hayes

Murder Among FriendsMurder Among Friends by Linda Burson
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Murder Among Friends by Linda Burson. The story is full of mystery, suspense, drama, intrigue, twists, and also has a touch of romance. I have read many of Ms. Burson’s books now and have loved them all, so when I saw this pop up on my feed I knew I had to read it too. As expected from Ms. Burson, this story is really well written- with just the right amount of tension and suspense to get you turning the pages to find out what happens. And another thing that Ms. Burson is great at is coming up with intriguing plots, her imagination is limitless. She easily pulls you into the story and keeps you hooked right through to the end.
Camille Thurston works for a private investigator and feels a little burnt out, she really needs a break, so she decides to spend the summer with her brother and his family. But, when a woman goes missing and her brother begins to investigate, she decides that she needs to pitch in and put her investigative skills to work. She soon develops a relationship with the missing woman’s family… and the story only gets more interesting, and captivating from there.
The story has a great pace and is easy to read, it evolved beautifully and unexpectedly the further into the story I went. The character/s have also developed and grow along with the storyline.
I really don’t want to give away too much and spoil the story for you, I highly recommend reading it for yourself as you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find between the covers.
Looking forward to more from Ms. Burson!

Thank you, Ms. Burson!


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