Holding on to Hurt by Charlotte Roth – Review by Angela Hayes

Holding on to HurtHolding on to Hurt by Charlotte Roth
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Holding on to Hurt by Charlotte Roth is a page turning drama. This emotional tear jerker was full of tragedy, anger, grief, hope, belief, unconditional love, determination, sacrifice, gripping details, unsettling revelations, strength, and hope. Again, Ms. Roth showcases what a versatile and talented author she is in this captivating read.
Irene Hurt gets the news that every parent dreads hearing, that her son has been injured and is in a coma. Her once perfect world is shattered in an instant and we follow as she and her husband both deal with their son’s situation quite differently. Right from the start, Irene remains hopeful- she stays be his side talking to him, telling stories, and hoping that on some level he is aware of what’s going on. But her husbands perspective isn’t so positive, and this puts a strain on their relationship.
Dealing with the shock, grief, anger and stress of the situation is further complicated with new discoveries and unsettling revelations. What ensues made for a very engrossing, heart wrenching, thought provoking and unforgettable read!
A word of warning though- have tissues on hand, you WILL need them!

Thank you, Ms. Roth!

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