Parenting Sensibly: Turning Messes into Success by Lynda Satre – Review by Angela Hayes

Parenting Sensibly: Turning Messes Into SuccessesParenting Sensibly: Turning Messes Into Successes by Lynda Satre
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Parenting Sensibly: Turning Messes into Success is a practical “how to”/ self help guide full of honest, helpful, step by step tools and advice on parenting. It is incredibly interesting, but more importantly it is informative, educational and easy to understand. All my children are grown up now, but I wish this book had been available when I first became a mother, it would have made it a less stressful experience. I will definitely be recommending it to my children and friends who are starting their own families, as I think there is a lot of very helpful information here.
Thought provoking wisdom!

Thank you, Ms. Satre!


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