Azrael by Matthew Huntley – Review by Sarah Devereaux

AzraelAzrael by Matthew Huntley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Azrael by Matthew Huntley is a debut thriller novel that was a great read. I really enjoyed the character building in this book and the twists and turns that came along with it.

The book is set in New York state mostly taking place between Oswego and Buffalo. Levi Andrews is a retired lead officer who locked away serial killer Azrael a decade ago. Parker Williams is a young detective who has contacted Levi, now a drunk after losing so much after solving the original case, when new murders similar to the originals a decade ago have occurred and they are now wondering, have they locked away the wrong person? Or is this a copycat? Pick up a copy and find out for yourself!

If you love crime and thriller books, this book is for you. It has the twist and turns of a thriller with a police crime storyline that keeps your attention and wants you to keep reading right until the end to find out what happened! I really enjoyed this book and I hope that Matthew writes a second in the future!

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