Tightrope: Book One (Tightrope Series #1) by Maddie Wade – Review by Angela Hayes

Tightrope Book 1Tightrope Book 1 by Maddie Wade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Tightrope by Maddie Wade is a brilliant story that had me hooked right from the beginning. This is one of those books that has so much more happening in it than you expect. This is a clever, complex story that has surprising developments that you don’t see coming, but will keep you flipping the pages to find out what is going on. I have loved Ms. Wade’s Fortis Security series, so I was excited to find that this new story was out, and I had a lot of expectation for what I would find when I began reading. This is a story that I recommend going into ‘blind’- and let the author take you on a surprising and captivating journey. The story does end in a cliff-hanger and is set to continue in the next book- which I can’t wait to get my hands on!
Well done!

Thank you, Ms. Wade!


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