Donut Be Shy (Men of Lakeview) by F.G. Adams – Review by Jana Teppih

Donut Be Shy (Men of Lakeview)Donut Be Shy by F.G. Adams
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Donut Be Shy by F.G. Adams is a novella in her Men of Lakeview series AND it has been written for the Donut Collection (indeed). I have read every single book and novella in the series as I got hooked on it from the first book on! It goes a bit weird (with the order) but never mind as it is so good that you do not care and simply crave for the next one! The only ‘complaint’ I have is that I wish it had been a full length novel as I would have liked more but I always want more….
So Donut Be Shy is gives us Amy Young and Tanner “Moose” Mason’s story! They both are part of the Lakeview gang – Tanner is part of the Trident Security and brother in arms to all the guys that are married to the Blackwood women! I mean they meet on the beach of Keagan and Jo’s beach house (the ones who have read the series know what I mean!)!
It is the story of how lack of communication can really mess up a potential relationship and how our insecurities (women, listen up!!) can hinder us to find love! It is also a story of friendship and encouragement and persistence and hope! And of course, let’s not forget about the delicious desserts – I wish I could have a bakery…yeah…make yourself a cup of tea and pick up a pastry and enjoy couple of hours with Amy and Tanner and I promise you, you will want to read the other stories in the Lakeview series as well!

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