We’ll Begin Again by Lauren Lee – Review by Angela Hayes

We'll Begin AgainWe’ll Begin Again by Laurèn Lee
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We’ll Begin Again is a fantastic second chances/military veteran/single mother romance that is all about new beginnings, grief, heartache, torment, overcoming seemingly impossible odds and starting again. This story is beautifully written by Ms. Lee- whose work I hadn’t read before now, but after this great story I would definitely recommend this book and I look forward to reading more of her work.
Amelia Montgomery is a lawyer and single mother to her 9-year-old son, Charlie. They have recently moved to a new city, so Amelia can start a new job, and she is hoping that it will be the fresh start she needs to move on with her life after her failed marriage. On her first day at her new work she passes a bench where a homeless man sleeps in the cold and snow. She can’t help but feel compassion for his situation and wonders how he came to be in that situation. Little did she know at the time, but this man would soon become an important part of her life.
William Divola is an army veteran who has endured more heartache than any person should ever have to. his own his life had been shattered by several tragic events, leaving him broken, lonely, haunted and homeless. He had lost faith in himself, and humanity for that matter. His life was a constant struggle, until a ray of sunshine in the form of Amelia brought warmth and hope back into his life.
This is such a touching, romantic and emotional story. I really loved every minute of reading it. The characters are realistic and relatable- and their story is entirely believable. My heart ached for what William had endured. Ms. Lee really ‘shows’ what living on the streets is like, and it was confronting.
The story contains flashbacks which help to fill in some of the backstory and gave a deeper perspective to Williams situation, feelings etc. The story is told from a duel POV, has a great pace and a smooth flow.

Thank you, Ms. Lee!

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