Beneath the Shine (A Prairie Tale #3) by Lisa Sorbe – Review by Jana Teppih

Beneath the Shine (A Prairie Tale #3)Beneath the Shine by Lisa Sorbe
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Beneath the Shine is the third book in Lisa Sorbe’s Prairie Tale series and it was a long time coming! I loved the first two books and the third one did not let me down either! You can read it as a standalone but it is always a pleasure to encounter the characters you recognize from the previous books so I warmly recommend to read the first two books (and they are fantastic in their own rights so you are making yourself a disservice not reading them!)
Beneath the Shine is the story of Betsy and Adair. The story takes you on a journey, a slow journey (but not a boring one, slow does not mean boring) of finding one’s way from devastating event that has overshadowed one’s life since childhood to recognizing that one is worth so much more … There are demons, right, but there is also being the best friends ever, being there for each other, and there is also love and passion … It is also a story of daring finally to go outside the little box that one has put themselves and their life into and seeing that it was not too crazy to dream …
The way the writer tells the story, it sort of sooths you and you do not even realize that hours have gone by while journeying along Betsy and Adair. I am really curious to see who is next in the line for their story!

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