Bob by Tegon Maus – Review by Sue Kemp

BobBob by Tegon Maus
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

By Tegon Maus

Bob by Tegon Maus is my first book by this author. This book is a quick read and has an open ending. Peter Anderson has been a reporter for twenty-seven years and now to save his career he must find a relevant story and hopefully save his career. In the skies of Arizona there has been reports of strange lights. At first Peter thought the story he was sent to report would be nothing much. However what Peter didn’t know was that this would be the story of a life time and would hopefully save his dying career. When Peter finds some one held captive in a basement he wonders if he could be onto something. Unfortunately for Peter before he can investigate this further the person in the basement is gone. Not only is Peter fighting to save his career but now he finds out that there are agents out there that want him to be quiet. Will Peter be able to avoid these agents? And will this story save his career?

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