The Hallowed (The Scrying Series Book #2) by Jaci Miller – Review by Angela Hayes

The HallowedThe Hallowed by Jaci Miller
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The Hallowed is the second book in The Scrying Trilogy by Jaci Miller. As this continues the story from book one, I really recommend reading The Scrying before starting this one, so you have all the information you need to enjoy this book to the fullest. This is a paranormal story with supernatural elements, action, mystery, drama, magic, prophecy, destiny, ancient evil, bonds, and romance.
The story picks up pretty much where book one left off. Dane and Rafe have undergone a binding that has given them a much deeper connection. Their destiny is now tied together. I loved them in the first book, but because of everything that happened in the first book and the development and growth these two have been through, I am absolutely invested in them now, and the outcome of their story.
The secondary characters certainly added a little extra something to the story and I enjoyed the ones we met in the first book, as well as getting to meet new ones. The story has intrigue, suspense, spice, dramatic events, surprising developments, humour, witty dialogue… and so much more… to make this a truly captivating read. This is definitely my favourite of the two so far.
As I discovered with the first book, Ms. Miller writes a riveting story, but it’s her world building which really made the most impression on me- it’s really incredible. She easily transported me into the story, where I experienced everything so vividly, following right alongside the characters as the story played out. Her words, and attention to detail brought everything to life, making the ‘world’ and everything that happened, seem so realistic and believable.
Brilliant! I really can’t wait to dive into book three!

Thank You, Ms. Miller!


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