Misfortune of Time (Druids Brooch Series Book #6) by Christy Nicholas – Review by Angela Hayes

Misfortune of Time (Druid's Brooch #6)Misfortune of Time by Christy Nicholas
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Misfortune of Time is the sixth book in the Druid’s Brooch Series by Christy Nicholas. This is a historical fantasy- with paranormal elements, drama, adventure, action, romance, magic, and much, much more. I really love all the attention to detail and the vividly descriptive storytelling that Ms. Nicholas excels at- it brings her stories to life and makes them very realistic, believable, and relatable. As with the other books in this series that I have read, this is really well written, very polished, and thoroughly researched. The story is fascinating- and really captured my attention right from the first few pages. The character/s are complex, fully realised individuals who were cleverly crafted- with interesting and likeable or detestable natures- as the author is easily able to sway you one way or another.
As you can probably tell, I haven’t read the book in this series in sequence- instead picking them by random. So, even though this is the sixth book in the series, you really can read it as a standalone- as all the books I have read in this series appear to be standalone stories, with the ‘Druids Brooch’ being the connecting element. Having said that though, if you love a great fantasy with lots of historical elements, then you would most definitely enjoy the other books in this series as well- and you would be missing out by not reading them.
In this book we meet Etain, who lives in Ireland in the 11th century, she’s a pagan who has to keep this secret, especially from her devoutly religious husband, who also happens to be a priest. There is much more to Etain than she appears- for a start she is 150 years old and is able to harness the magic of her Druids Brooch to remain ageless, but is also be able to change her appearance when necessary. Her husband is an abusive pig, but she remains in her situation in order to look out for a loved one. But, a situation occurs which threatens her life and Etain has no choice but to flee- and I felt that it was at this point in the book where this story really took off…….. Where does she go? What does she discover? And when the past comes back to haunt her, will she make the right decision? All this and much more can be discovered between the covers of this spellbinding story!
The best of the bunch, so far!

Thank you, Ms. Nicholas!


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