Secrets of Spring (Seasons of Jefferson Series Book #3) by Julie Solano and Tracy Justice – Review by Angela Hayes.

Secrets of Spring (Seasons of Jefferson, #3)Secrets of Spring by Julie Solano
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‘Secrets of Spring’ is the third book in the Seasons of Jefferson Series by Julie Solano and Tracy Justice.  As it is the third book in the series, I do recommend reading it after the first two books, so you get all the relevant details, character information and an understanding of the storyline- that way you will have the best possible reading experience of this book. This story has secrets, trauma, mystery, suspense, drama, heartache, intrigue, difficult situations, and romance. Having enjoyed the previous two so much, I wasn’t sure where this story would lead, especially after some of the events of the previous book/s- and I wasn’t sure if the authors could ‘deliver the goods’ yet again. But I was curious and happy to dive in to find out…… and I am blown away by this engrossing read. It was superb! There is no way I could have predicted the storyline or how it developed. I am happy to report that this is the best of the series! The pick of the bunch! It is sooo well written, full of surprising developments that really left me hanging on to the edge of my chair in anticipation.
I have loved Jenna through the series- she’s a fantastic character, but what unraveled through this story, and what we discover about her- was completely unexpected and compelling to read. Then we add Ty to the mix and this story really takes off. We also meet up with the gang from the previous book/s, as the authors weave this complex and multi-layered. I was so absorbed by what I was reading, I didn’t put it down until I’d read every word, finishing it in an evening.
This story portrays true to life characters and situations- the authors addressing many issues faced by young people today. The authors tackle them honestly, in an informative way- which makes this book/series very realistic, believable and entirely relatable. The characters were all fully developed and interesting individuals with their own personalities, quirks and flaws. We got to meet ‘real’ people, warts and all. I became very invested in their story, and the end result.
This is a brilliant addition to the series, and well worth the read! I am excited by what these talented authors do next!

Thank You, Ms. Solano and Ms. Justice!

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