The Hallowed (The Scrying Trilogy Book Two) by Jaci Miller – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Hallowed (The Scrying Trilogy Book Two)The Hallowed by Jaci Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Hallowed is the second book in The Scrying Trilogy by Jaci Miller and continues on  from book one therefore reading The Scrying first is a must and a pleasure. This is a  not only a paranormal tale but it is also full of the supernatural. Magic and prophecies,  fates and destinies, mysteries and evils, tomes and realms, action and drama. All that  and more in this wonderful riveting and captivating story and well developed  characters as they learn their part in what is to come. Jaci has woven amazing worlds  full of intrigue, where the suspense and drama is like a crescendo building and building  waiting for all to be revealed.     This vibrant story easily transports you into the story right along with the characters  as they journey into the unknown. I am now waiting with bated breath for the next  book.

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