The Harrowed Half-Breed: A Tarnished Lands Story (Forgotten Woods Series Book #1) by P.A Wikoff – Review by Angela Hayes

The Harrowed Half-Breed: A Tarnished Lands Story (Forgotten Woods, #1)The Harrowed Half-Breed: A Tarnished Lands Story by P.A. Wikoff
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The Harrowed Half Breed is A Tarnished Lands Story and the first book in the Forgotten Woods Series By P.A Wikoff. This is my first read by Mr. Wikoff, so I wasn’t sure what I would find when I began reading. The story is an interesting and original fantasy that has lots of action, adventure, drama, unique creatures/beings, magic, and some violence. The story has a dark tone to it and feels a lot like a D & D story/game. But mostly it is a story of self-discovery and a ‘coming of age’.
In the story we meet many characters, all of which play a part in making this story interesting- Barne, Valara, Kip, Nanis, Hogar, Neff, Seyu, and many others, help to bring the story alive. We explore the Tarnished Lands and meet the feathered folk- and discover a lot about their history and struggles.

“The feathered-folk had resided in the wildwoods for greater than a thousand years. They lived off nature’s gifts while never upsetting the symbiosis. It was a sacred way of life passed down from each generation.
Soon the humans found value in the forest’s wood and sought to cut down the very lands that provided for the folk. Human greed was a flaw that flowed deeply within their blood; they couldn’t help it any more than they could help breathing or blinking.
While the humans pilfered more than necessary, the trees bled dark sap, showing their displeasure.
As the self-appointed wardens of the forest, the feathered-folk raged war against the humans. Peace was in their nature, though you wouldn’t know it as of late. There hadn’t always been conflict between the two bloodlines, although as of the last couple years, it was a daily struggle. With each fallen warrior, contention spoiled their kind nature and poisoned their disposition.”

This is a very short and easy read, I read it in one sitting. Mr. Wikoff has a descriptive and detailed style, which gave the story a rich texture and feel. If you love swords and sorcery, D & D, original and interesting fantasy, and quirky/unique characters- then this book should be part of your collection.
There is a link at the end of the book to a D & D Module called “Breaking the Peace”- which is set before The Harrowed Half Breed.
Looking forward to “The Progeny Assassin!”, Book #2 in the series.

Thank you, Mr. Wikoff!


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