Branches of Healing Anthology by Autumn Sand/ Amy Allen/ Ava Lyn Wood/ Bella Emy/ J.L Leslie/ Lorah Jaiyn/ Natalia Schellhaas/ Verlene Landon – Review by Angela Hayes

5 Stars


Branches of Healing is an anthology of stories by eight accomplished authors; whose works here include stories about people serving in the armed forces, and their loved ones. These stories touched me, made me feel, at times made me smile- but most of all they engaged me from the beginning right through till the end.


The Anthology includes:

-Finding Us by Autumn Sand.

-Aftermath by Amy Allen.

Broken in Battle by Ava Lyn Wood.

-Without You by Bella Emy.

Saving Grace by J.L Leslie.

-The Last Letter Home by Lorah Jaiyn.

-Soldier On, Moving Forward by Natalia Schellhaas.

-Oscar Mike by Verlene Landon.


The stories are all original and unique to the author, but all focus on the same theme. They touch on everything from overwhelming loss, Injury or separation, reuniting/second chances, tragedy, sibling bonds, friendship, tension, chemistry, learning to love again, and overcoming adversity.

I am familiar with a few of the authors, whose work I have read before and have loved, but most were new to me. For a book worm like me, this was exciting, as I am always on the lookout to find more great authors whose works I can follow- and I am happy to have found quite a few with this collection. I really recommend this anthology, you won’t regret the investment. I was pleasantly surprised by this collection of stories. There was not one story is this anthology that I didn’t like. They were all wonderful and really well written. Dive right in, but be prepared to be swept into a journey that traverses shattering loss and devastation; as well as heart-warming and moving tales full of triumph and love.

The proceeds of this novella will go to Healing Paws for Warriors!!!


Thank you to all the contributing authors.

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