Taken By Surprise By Linda Burson – Review By Michelle Mulvey

Taken By Surprise (The Marcy Series Book 7)Taken By Surprise by Linda Burson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Taken by Surprise is Book 7 in the March Series by Linda Burson. This series should be read in order because unfortunately, I did not read all the books leading up to this one and was kind of lost when certain things happened. Not knowing why or what happened to cause the characters tondo what they did.

The 3 main characters in the book are Marcy, Brad and Liam. They have an uncommon relationship which not many people know about.

I didn’t like how the 3 of them were always arguing and fighting over everything but, they always seem to make up and be happy again. This book kept me entertained with so much happening.

I have enjoyed reading a few books by this author and recommend reading this book if you have read the others leading up to book 7.


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