The Flip ( Romance in Rehoboth Series Book #2) by K.L Montgomery – Review by Angela Hayes

5 Stars


The Flip is the second book in the ‘Romance in Rehoboth series by K.L Montgomery. It was such a fun read, one of my favourites that Ms. Montgomery has written. It is a light-hearted read, but with just the right amount of drama and tension to really keep things interesting. This is a superb contemporary romance, with a enemies to lover aspect to the storyline. This book can be read as a standalone, even though it is the second book in the series, as the series is made up of standalone stories- where each book centres on its own particular characters/couple, but the common factor is that they all are set against the backdrop of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Having said that though, I really do recommend reading all the books- because they are wonderful stories in their own rights, and help to paint a larger picture.

Sonnet and Andrew have an interesting history. They have known each other since childhood and had developed a bitter rivalry between them. Their dislike of one another ran deep. Since graduating high school, both moved on with their lives and haven’t had any contact for the past ten years.

Now, out of the blue, they have both inherited the same beachside cottage. The house needs some work to bring it back to life and Sonnet and Andrew are at a point in their lives where they could both use an influx of cash to help them chase their dreams- so renovating the cottage and getting it sold would help accomplish this.

But can these two put aside any animosity and find a way to work together to make that happen- or will all the old feelings come bubbling to the surface? What happens when these two have to spend so much time together on their shared project? And will they survive the flip?

As I have said many times now, Ms. Montgomery is a very gifted storyteller, who is easily able to pull readers into her story and keep them connected to the storyline and characters- completely hooked from beginning to end. I love how her story depicts characters that are realistic, believable, relatable and endearing.

As with all her other books, this is really well written, with a clever and fun story that helps to make it stand out from others in the same genre.

Bring on the next book!!!


Thank you, Ms. Montgomery!

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