The Lily Trilogy by Vivian Winslow – Review by Angela Hayes

5 Stars


The Lily Trilogy by Vivian Winslow is the enthralling story that introduces us to Lily Baron and sets us off on a journey full of emotion, love, loss, heartache, betrayal, adventure, sexual awakening, family dynamics, responsibility, drama, spice, sizzle, tension… and so much more. This box set contains the entire Lily Trilogy, which are also the first three books in the Gilded Flower Series (of trilogies).


The trilogy consists of:

-Gilded Lily (Book #1)

-Calla Lily (Book #2)

-Tiger Lily (Book #3)


I really enjoyed this trilogy, zooming through it all in only a matter of hours. It is so easy to read, and so easy to love everything about the it. Ms. Winslow has a real gift for storytelling- bringing us a well-developed, beautifully written, and polished piece of work. She has an easy, inviting, and sexy style that I never grow tired of reading.

As always, the character/s are beautifully and intricately crafted, complete with their own personalities, quirks and flaws.

A brilliant way to start the Gilded Flower Trilogies and I can’t wait to dive into Dahlia’s story next!


Thank you, Ms. Winslow!

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